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Classes coming up in West Springfield, DC

Infant Care + CPR

at Lamaze International - DC Chapter - West Springfield
6215 Rolling Rd, Springfield, Virginia 22152

This class combines the infant care with an additional hour of hands-on CPR skills and choking relief skills for Infants (birth–1 year). This is a participation course but no card is issued. In addition to Infant CPR, we will cover: Care of the circumcision and umbilical cord Bathing Comforting a crying/colicky baby Diapering Dressing Necessary...

Qigong Classes

at Peaceable Dragon - West Springfield
201 North Narberth Avenue Narberth, PA 19072 United States, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072

Sometimes referred to as Chinese Yoga, Qigong is an ancient healing art that combines movement, deep breathing and meditation. Qi is “life Force”, the essence of nature itself that nourishes and energizes all living things. Qigong consists of moving and non-moving meditations for reducing stress, improving physical health, the emotions, and opening...


11 sessions

Lamaze Childbirth Preparation

at Lamaze International - DC Chapter - West Springfield
6716 Holford Ln, West Springfield, Virginia 22152

The main focus of this interactive class is to prepare you and your partner for a positive childbirth experience with practical pain management skills, focusing on breathing, relaxation, massage and comfort measures. Anatomy and physiology Discomforts of pregnancy in the third trimester Danger/warning signs in the third trimester Signs of labor...


4 sessions

Lamaze Childbirth Preparation (Monday Nights)

at Lamaze International - DC Chapter - Foggy Bottom
900 23rd St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20037

Enjoy some time preparing for your special “birth” day with a fun, informative, Lamaze Class!  This class is a weeknight class from 7pm - 9:15pm for 5 weeks.   The goal of the course is to provide a balanced approach, combining the benefits of Lamaze with medical practices, if needed, to enable mom to enjoy a positive birth experience....


5 sessions

Tai Chi/Qigong

at Peaceable Dragon - West Springfield
6350 Rolling Mill Pl #103 Springfield, VA 22152 United States, Virginia, Virginia 22152

This class begins with 30 minutes of Qigong. Qigong is an ancient healing art that consists of a series of movements preformed in a slow moving and/or non-moving focused meditation for reducing stress, improving physical health, strength, focus and balance as well as improving emotions, and opening the heart. This practice is suitable...